Band Recordings

Band Recordings start from approx. £100 for a 4 hour recording session up to £1500 for a fully professional week long album.

We pride ourselves in getting great results quickly. We always give you a rough mix on the day but usually more editing time is needed to create a fully professional product. Please factor this in when booking studio time.

There are some examples below of recordings we've done. Please see our Soundcloud Page for a more examples.

Option 1  (£100-150)
If you want to record lots of songs at once we offer a live band recording session. This will comprise of fully mic'd drum kit and amps with the vocalist in one of our vocal booths so that overdubs can be added later. This is brilliant if you want a versatile demo to give to a venue.

Option 2  (£100-300)
A few songs recorded well. This will take a little longer for each track but overdubs, backing vocals and solos can be added later so that the track is radio ready. This is a great option if you're looking to release a single or EP to your many Facebook groupies.

Option 3 
(starts from £150)
One song recorded really well. This involves tracking each instrument separately usually to a click track and taking lots of time to make sure that everything is recorded and edited just right. Production here is very important and we tend to get the best results this option. If you're wanting to make a 'record' be taken seriously by a record label then this is the best option.

The Album! 
So you want to record an album. This could be any combination of the above options and it would usually start with a meeting with us to decide on the best approach. Our day recording rate is £200 (8 hours).

Please see our Soundcloud page for examples of our recent recordings

Contact Ben on 07949474661 or email for more information.