Recording Studios

We have 2 recording studios that are available for hire with or without an engineer.
 Studio 1 is connected to our rehearsal rooms and Studio 2 has a dedicated vocal/dry room and is easier to use. Both studios have a Mac Pro running both Logic and Cubase.


Is a versatile digital recording studio running Allen and Heath ZED R16 Firewire 24 channel mixing desk and M-Audio CX8 Monintors. We use Cubase & Logic Mac operating systems with a large selection of plugins.

We have a good selection of microphones and our outboard equipment consists of Focusrite, Allen & Heath and TL Audio valve preamps/compressors, Lexicon effects units and an array of guitar and bass preamps.

Has recently been upgraded and now has a live room (Rehearsal room 4) attached to it making it easy to record small live bands or drums as well as great vocals. It uses Focusrite hardware on a Mac Pro, Alesis One Monitors. If you are able to use Logic or Cubase yourself then you can hire this from just £10 p/h an hour.

If you wish to learn how to operate any of our studios we run a 3 week music production course to get you started, to find out more see our Music Tech Tuition page.

Please visit our SoundCloud page for examples of recent recordings.

  • £25 p/h including a recording engineer/producer
  • £10 p/h without an engineer (if you have studio experience)
  • £200 for an 8 hour session.
  • £360 for a 2 day Demo (As many songs as you like) - Including mixing and mastering.
  • £400 for a 4 track E.P. (Sessions over more than 2 days with mixing and mastering)
  • £25 per track for a mix & master
  • £10 per track for just a master.

We supply gift certificates if you wish to give a service as a gift for a friend or family member for all of our services.

For more information please contact Ben on 07949 474661 or email

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