Recording Studio

The Studio is a converted garage and has two small rooms. The control room runs Logic or Cubase with an Allen and Heath Zed R16 firewire mixing desk. The recording/live room is acoustically treated and soundproofed with a pro quality drum kit, various valve guitar amps, bass amps and selection of quality vocal and instrument microphones. 

I increasingly specialise in voice-over and singer songwriter/artist production but undertake all types high quality studio needs including drum kit recording for other artists, website and app audio production, library music and bespoke song arrangement/remixing. 

I also do post production mixing and mastering of all styles of music. I play all types of guitar, keyboards and drums as well as offering orchestral and synth arrangements in post production. If you're an original artist looking for a producer to help you make it to the next level then I have all the tools and experience to help you.

The studio runs a Mac Pro with an Allen and Heath ZED R16 Firewire 24 channel mixing desk and M-Audio CX8 & M3-6 Monintors. Cubase or Logic is available with a large selection of high quality plugins including UA, Slate, Waves, Antares Autotune ,Drumagog, Kontakt, Guitar Rig, Amplitube, Nexus, CSR and T-Racks.

Microphones Include
Neumann TLM103 Condenser - very clean 
Avantone CK7  mulitpattern condenser
MXL V69M valve microphone - wonderful on rock vocals
Shure SM7B - the broadcasting standard
Superlux R102 & Cascade Fat Head Ribbon mics
Audio Technica AT4021s electrets
AKG D112 kick mic
Shure SM57s & Audix i5 instrument mics
Shure PG56 drum mics
Sennheiser e609s 

Preamps Include
TL Audio Ivory series 5051 channel strip
TL Audio Ivory series 5001 quad preamp 
2x Golden Age Pre 73s
Focusrite Platinum TrakMaster
DBX 286 & 386 preamps
Art TPS ii preamp 
Avid Eleven Guitar preamp
Pro Live XT guitar preamp pedal 
Sansamp VT Bass preamp pedal 
Mooer Ocean Machine pedal
Selection of effects pedals inc overdrives, modulations and wah wah. 

Guitar amps Include
Fender Blues Junior guitar valve amp
Hayden Mofo 50W valve combo
Trace Elliot 50W Twin head and stereo cab
Ashdown Evo 180W Bass combo
Roland Cube 40XL guitar combo
Fishman Loudbox acoustic amp

We also have a Korg LP180 electric piano and a Mapex Armory drum kit with a selection a of Zildjian/Sabian cymbals permanently mic'd up and ready to record.

If you wish to have a chat before booking please ring me and I'll be pleased to answer any questions. For longer sessions I do prefer to have a meeting beforehand to find out more about the project, agree on a direction and working practices. These days I prefer to produce myself but there are circumstances where I will engineer for artists if that's all that required..

Please visit our SoundCloud page for examples of recent recordings. 

  • £25 per hour (minimum 2 hour session)
  • £200 for an 8 hour session (over a week long period)
For more information please contact Ben on 07949 474661 or email

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