I service all types of guitars as well as most fret work and electronics. I have Ernie Ball or Daddario strings in stock but please feel free to provide your own strings if you so wish. Prices below are correct for most guitars but in extreme cases or for some more expensive or complicated guitars it may be more.

Guitar or bass re-string & service - £10-15 (plus the strings)

Full electric guitar or bass setup & service - including intonation, action, minor electronic work & fret polish - £25 (plus the strings)

Full acoustic guitar or bass setup & service - including intonation, action and fret polish - £20 (plus the strings)

All other electronic or fret work is charged on a £25ph rate plus parts.

I try and turn around setups and restrings in 48hrs. Major repairs will take longer depending on the parts required.

(For more info see www.BedfordGuitarSetups.co.uk) Or contact Ben on 07949 474661.