Guitar & Drum Lessons

I now have some spaces for guitar and drum students (July 2019) so please email me or give me a ring 07949474661 if you're interested. Most of my spaces are for after school sessions but I also have some daytime slots for adults. All my lessons are £30 per hour although I recommend 30 minute lessons (£15) for younger students and I also offer 3/4 hour lessons which are £22.50.

I've been a teacher and professional musician for over 20 years and teach all ages and standards of students in schools and also privately. I am the author of the tutor books 'Play Drumkit Timpani & Percussion' and 'Primary Guitar' as well as being involved with the local music services, and local schools over that period.

I encourage reading music but also think it's important to be able to play by ear and have a good understanding of music theory.

I like working towards exams as this gives structure and purpose to practice but they are not the most important thing when learning an instrument and a balance of fun and real musical experiences is also important.

Music Production Lessons

If you're after learning more about music technology & production then I run courses or individual lessons that can be designed to your specific needs. These are usually 3 to 6 week courses, delivering the basic principles and techniques needed in Cubase or Logic.

A 1 hour ‘Getting Started' session on Cubase or Logic is available if you just want to get started and find out some quick ways to begin with what you want to do.

I also offer advice and workshops to schools who need assistance with the music technology requirements for GCSE, BTEC and A level music technology. Whether it's help with sequencers, midi, compressors, preamps, mixing or just guidance with your setup. Sessions are £30 per hour.

To arrange a lesson with Ben please call 07949 474661 or email